sexual be solved only with pills

Why sexual problems can’t be solved only with pills, no matter how much some Romanian men would like that

What do you do if you no longer have an erection? Maybe the first thought is to take a pill if you can. About this, and why it is not a solution, but also others, I discussed with a sexologist to understand the situation a little better.

Red Square is a bimonthly podcast about all the things that come to your mind about sex and sexual life and you are ashamed to say them out loud, but also about taboos in relationships and in everyday life.

You certainly have moments when you feel that everything around you is overwhelming and you don’t know what the correct solutions are . As a man, if you can’t get an erection , it already seems like the end of the world. Given the modern context in which we live our lives, most of the time erectile dysfunctions also start from stress, and from the impression that you still haven’t found the perfect partner.

sexual be solved only with pillsThere are no 100 percent correct solutions, just like there is no perfect partner or couple. Even if it sounds like a self-help book cliché, before talking about sex and married life it is important to reach a balance with yourself. Roles in society or couple have evolved over time and will continue to do so. It is important to have an open mind to new things, to challenges and to finding solutions, without thinking of them as the most correct or perfect.

In this context, we talked on the Red Square podcast with Gabriela Madaras, primary care endocrinologist and sexologist. We started from the role of the man in the present and we also went through the curiosities related to sex, sexuality and married life .

She also explained to us what problems push men to take courage and cross the threshold of her office, but also how they relate to a discussion with a doctor versus that with a psychologist.

Solutions and searches of Romanian men when it comes to sexuality
Red Square: In everything the men who contacted you said, did they ever mention that they had discussed the issue with their partner? That from the way you explained, it seemed that they were waiting for a solution from the outside, not necessarily within the couple.

Gabriela Madaras: Men rarely talk to their partners, that is, they don’t have the flexibility that women have. They don’t know how to share their emotions as well. Maybe that’s one reason why I’m sought after by men rather than women. It is easier for them to talk to a stranger than to the woman they live with.

This is a problem that I found discussed in books by psychologists, that men receive a certain education from their parents, like “we don’t cry”, “we are men, we have courage, we fight” and “we don’t talk much much about what hurts us”.

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