These are the top landmarks of London

Set on River Thames, England’s capital, is a city worth paying a visit to. England bares London landmarks that date back to the Roman times, entailing ancient landmarks of Londonarchitecture and modern designs that have been infused creatively to produce panoramic views.

These London landmarks include the famous Big Ben’ which is the biggest bell of the clock tower (officially called Elizabeth Tower). The tower was completed in the mid 1800’s and has a chiming four-faced clock which also happens to be the second largest clock in the world. The architectural style is gothic revival, with the bottom of the tower consisting of sand coloured limestone and brickwork. With the rest of it farmed with cast iron.

At the centre of London stands the Houses of Parliament which also have rich ancient architecture. Besides this they produce picture perfect photos, especially when taken from the London Eye, so you will have perfect souvenirs from your trip. They also make awesome postcards.

Just a few steps away from Big Ben’ and the Houses of Parliament, the historic and iconic Westminster Abbey, a splendid site. The building itself is a beauty, and

inside, it is encrypted with awesome history about Kings, Queens and even authors that dates back to the 1200’s.

The Tower of London is another of the must see London Landmarks. This is one landmark that will take you back to a period before your birth and make you feel like you were alive and a part of Old London. This comes out through its rich architecture and extravagant craftsmanship that is portrayed by richly adorned items and the iconic crown jewels.

Another one of the picturesque London, landmarks is the Tower Bridge. This is one historic bride that has a touch of modernity through its famous glass floors. The floor gives one an interesting view beneath them of walking pedestrians and cars crossing the bridge.

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