Men can have attraction for blonde women because of so many different reasons

This is not a hidden secret that men are more attracted toward blonde women. This rule is applicable around the world including London. Some of you might be blondewondering why men in London and in other part of world show more attraction for these woman. There are so many reasons because of which men in London feel more attraction for blonde women and they get more pleasure as well with such women. Talking about these reasons because which men in London and other places can have more attraction for blonde women, I can share some of those things or reasons below with you and after knowing these reasons you might get a better understanding about this subject in quite easy and effective manner.

Some experts say that men in London feel blonde women are sexier and they can offer more pleasure to men. There are not scientific facts based on this opinion, but men in London and other places have this belief and they do not have any intention to change their opinion. All the men assume that if they will ask blonde women for the sexual relationship then they can get a yes in easy way. But if I talk about the fact, then I think this is just a baseless opinion and men cannot have any pleasure in this method. Just like brunette women in London, all the blonde women also have a free will and they would say yes for anything only if they want to say yes for that.

A lot of men also have this feeling that these women are quite good in bed. That means men can have more pleasure with a blonde women while having a sexual

relationship with them. This is another point that is not based on the facts. You have to understand that many brunette women in London, colour their hair to get the blonde look. So this opinion is completely baseless that men can have more pleasure or fun with a hot blonde woman. This is simply a myth and men can have more pleasure with a woman, only if that woman is really interested in the sexual pleasure with you. If she is not interested in it, then men cannot have the desired pleasure with her in any condition. This is a rule that is not only practical in London, but same rule is applicable around the world as well.

Just like these things, few people can also have this opinion that men are attracted toward blonde women because of genes. This is possible because we all feel more attraction for new and unknown things. For humans, blue eyes and blonde hairs are new mutation that came in existence in recent time. This recent time can be as old as 11000 years, but in human life, this is a small time so can agree, this genetic attraction can a reason for same. But again, this attraction is not limited to London and it may not have any relationship with the pleasure thing.

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